Question:  What the heck is it? 
Answer:  The NOGO Clamp is simply a series of clamping devices that attaches one end to your fishing rod and the other to a stationary object such as a dock, a boat gunnel, or any secure object (see Product Link).  Rod attachment points are rubber coated for your equipment protection and a thermal barrier.  It is designed by a fisherman to solve a problem--to help reduce rod loss.  The NOGO Clamp is Trademarked and has a U.S. Patent (#7254915).

Question:  Will the NOGO Clamp interfere with my reel set-up?
Answer:  Not at all. When attached properly, avoiding eyelets, simply detach the clamp holding your rod to the stationary object and start reeling away, without having to actually remove the second clamp from the rod.   

Question:  What kind of guaranteed does the NOGO Clamp come with?
Answer:  While no product can guarantee with 100% certainty you won't lose your rod during every situation, the NOGO Clamp is guaranteed to reduce the number of situations where rod loss would otherwise certainly occur.  

Question:  How can I purchase one?
Answer:  The NOGO Clamp can be found in select stores; however, you can also order on-line (See Order Link).
  We currently only accept Money Orders, but will soon be accepting Paypal and most major credit cards.  Your NOGO Clamp will ship within a matter of days from our facilities in Manitowoc, WI

Question:  Will the NOGO Clamp help me catch fish?
Answer:  Yes.  The clamp provides an elevated rod angle making the "bites" more visual, especially during ice fishing when attached to a bucket.