Catch and release fishing shouldn't mean that as soon as a fish gets interested in your bait you end up having your pole released into the water because you set it down for a moment.  In the age of expensive equipment from rod and reel combos to lures and jigs, not having to worry about losing your pole just makes sense, right?

That's why we developed the NOGO Clamp! The NOGO Clamp was developed by a fisherman for a fisherman, and is a tackle box must!  The product is simple and so easy to use.  Clamp one end of the NOGO Clamp to your fishing rod and the other to a secure object, such as a boat, dock, name it.  The NOGO Clamp is guaranteed to fit all ice fishing, ultra light and "most" medium duty rods.  It is ideal for ice fishing, especially when warming up in the shanty - it will help you ensure a nibble doesn't turn into an "Oh No!" by helping reduce rod loss.

The NOGO Clamp is tough and durable, and comes pre-oiled so it is ready to use. Plus, the design also has the left-handed fisherman in mind!  The NOGO Clamp is trademarked, has a U.S. Patent (7254915) and foreign patent (7254915B2) and is barcoded for retail sales.  No product can guarantee you won't lose your pole with 100% certainty, but the NOGO Clamp is certain to help reduce rod loss! Just remember though, to use it responsibly and obey your fishing regulations!

Fishing rods are like children, the moment you turn your back they are gone.  NOGO Clamps solve this problem with rods! The NOGO Clamp must not be used on children, but again are excellent for fishing rods!